A little about myself:

Not many moments in life are this clear – It was 2005, I was working at the Hobart Magistrate Courts.  On lunch break, the administrator says to me:

“Another 25 years here, and you could be in my position, Nic.”

I’m not sure if he was giving me encouragement, or it was a subtle form of despair,  but it was that precise moment I knew that the life for me was one of less restrictive clothing and more creative pursuits.  I quit within the month, and moved to the Gold Coast, to study Film and Television at Bond University.

Upon graduating, one simple video idea won me a two-week vacation to the UK and a subsequent job in New Zealand with the creative agency behind the competition.


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If there’s a corner up ahead, I need to find out what’s around it; I have always been that way.  As a spritely 18 year old Australian, I put my life on pause and travelled halfway across the world to work at a summer camp in North Carolina, US.  My first adventure to the most exotic land within my grasp (parents restrictions!).  Keen to wet my lips with culture and discovery, I set out on a 27-hour long expedition – from the nest to Hendersonville, NC.  I land on my feet only to be welcomed by a group of 25 other young Aussies with the same idea (I even met a bloke who had dated my own sister!).  Unfortunately, rather than bathing in the culture of the US South, we ended up providing an Aussie one to the campers.

Summer Camp

The Aussies at summer camp.

After camp, I did get to travel the rest of the US for a few months before returning home, which unlocked a love of the country I now call home, and thirst for travel!

I have been living in New York now for almost 4 years, I’ve discovered what I most like to do is to get out and explore the city.  The more I explore, the more I realize how much is left!  I love trying new foods – last month I discovered the best Greek is in Astoria.  I am a beach volleyball player, and a wannabe basketballer.  I realize NFL is more psychological than a show brute strength, but often I can’t help comparing it to Australian AFL football – which will always be my first love!  I love my music, and I still can’t believe that on a Tuesday night, I can find some of the best modern acts that would sell out a good-sized venue in Australia!

Three things that brought me to New York:

1) The Sandwiches

– Selection is plenty, and the meat is over generous!

2) The walking pace

– Everyone always has somewhere to go – at least they appear so.

3) Flight of the Conchords

– No further explanation needed: https://youtu.be/Y9JwTwCfodQ


Some of my favourite throwback pics:

Broken Arm

Very unimpressed with Mom capturing photographic evidence of my broken arm.  The tree in the background is the culprit!


First car + first crash = Home fix job

Music Video

Shooting on an Arriflex film camera for a music video.

To finish up, I’ll leave you with my playlist of music I could play all day. Some classics, some recent, all my personal opinion!:



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